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A brief guide to booking your trip to Bhutan and obtaining a Tourist Visa

In order to simplify the process of booking a trip to Bhutan obtaining a Tourist Visa we have provided this helpful guide.

Step 1

Contact Bhutan Kaze Tours & Treks  by sending an email to

Step 2

Work out a tour itinerary with us. Based on the itinerary we will calculate the amount you must pay (Tour Payment) in advance.

Step 3

Now you need to wire the tour payment calculated.

To transfer money to Bhutan National Bank, from any place outside Bhutan and India, Please request your bank to remit money through Bhutan National Bank Ltd.,

Correspondent Bank as follows:
1. Bank Address :
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.,
(Correspondent Bank) One Madison Avenue, New York,
NY 10010-3603
FED ABA: 026002561

2. Beneficiary Bank Account : 358-202-171-9001 (USD A/C)

3. Beneficiary Bank : Bhutan National Bank, P.O Box 439,
GPO Building, Chang Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

4. Beneficiary/Ultimate Beneficiary: Account No………………….…….of Bhutan Kaze Tours & Treks maintained with BNB, Thimphu, Bhutan

Please email the bank wire receipt copy to us at

Step 4

Bhutan Kaze Tours & Treks will complete your visa application but you must send us a clear, scanned copy of your passport. Visa will normally be processed within a maximum of one week’s time.

Step 5

Bhutan Kaze Tours & Treks will email you a copy of the approval of your visa once your visa application has been approved.
Bhutan Visa will be stamped on arriving at Paro International Airport on producing the scanned visa approval letter.