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General Information
Location: Western Bhutan, south of the Paro Valley
Distance from Chuzom (river confluence): 79 km
Elevation: 2,670 m, 8,758ft

Haa Dzongkhag is a picturesque remote valley and consists of five Geogs. Characterized by rugged and mountainous terrain, it has been difficult and expensive to deliver development services to the Dzongkhag, due to which most communities are isolated from roads and town. To rouse this problem, the Dzongkhag is constrained by short growing seasons and limited arable land, as only about two percent of the land is cultivable. Because of the dryland areas and natural pastureland, wheat is the main cereal crop cultivated, although a variety of other dryland crops such as barley and buckwheat are also grown. Potatoes constitute the principal cash crop for the Dzongkhag while apples and vegetables are also cultivated. Livestock rearing is also a key economic activity in the Dzongkhag. Because of the cold, most families raise yaks.The dzongkhag has a good network of mule tracks and suspension bridges.

More often than not, it is muddy in summer and cold in winter. The seasons suitable for trekking are spring and autumn.

Tourism Attractions

1. Haa Dzong
Wangchulo Dzong in Haa is one of the newest, built in 1915 to replace a smaller structure. It is a large square structure with battered (inward-sloping) walls.
2. Chhundu Lhakhang
It is one of the many temples dedicated to the protective deity if Haa, Chhundu. It is 5 minutes walk from Gayekha.
3. Wangcha, Haa- Cheli La- Paro Bondey
Its 26 km from Haa to Cheli La. There’s no habitation on the route as the road switches back through a forest of blue pine, fir and oak. At about 3400m the road traverses through alpine country towards the pass. Cheli La is 3,810m. It is then a 35 km drive down to the junction with the Paro road in Bondey.

Other Attarctions

1. Nub Tshonapata Trek..see Trekking in Bhutan
2. Haa Lomba and Bonko Festival
3. Beautiful lakes in Sangbe Geog
4. Drugyel Dzong-Sagala-Talung Haa..see Trekking in Bhutan
5. Paro Wochu-Zangela-Haa gonpa-Tsapey, Haa..see Trekking in Bhutan
6. Paro-Kalila-Katsho, Haa..see Trekking in Bhutan