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Bhutan is one of the world’s most exotic tourist destinations. Our guest, those who make the rare journey into the Bhutan have explore indeed an exclusive place with a truly indigenous experience, the unique aspects of Bhutanese culture including visits to sacred festivals and holy monasteries, pilgrimage hallowed sites, and panoramic view of Himalaya peaks or scenic spots for a closer look at the culture.
Bhutan Kaze Tours & Treks prefers to offer various types of itinerary prior on our guest’s request. We specialize in a numerous cultural tour programs without slightest of compromise in the quality of services we provide. Normal tour program comprises of visits to places of historical significance, museums, and textiles emporiums, also can explore those places from west to the east, stretching across central part of the country. All along you will glimpse fascinating transformation in the geography, weather, people, the culture and tradition of Bhutan.

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